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GELATTI  COOKIES  An in-house cross by the Cookies Fam, Gelatti cookies bags uses an unreleased Gelato and an OG Biscotti cut to create a beautiful new hybrid. Also, hard to find outside of California, like most Cookies genetics, Gelatti cookies strain packs a punch with dense, kushy nugs that come with big oily trichomes. However, will make any old school OG lover’s day with a thick mouthful that coats your senses as you exhale into a stoney haze.

However ,Gelatti is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a cross of the delicious Gelato X OG Biscotti strains. Known for its insanely delicious flavor and lifted high, Gelatti cookies

is perfect for any hybrid lover.Furthermore, gelatti packs a sweet and sour fruity berry high with a touch of sharp menthol upon exhale that intensifies the more that you toke. However, the aroma is very similar, although with a touch of gassy pungency to it, too.

The Gelatti high settles in almost as soon as you exhale, smashing into your mind with a bright euphoria that leaves you feeling energized and focused.

gelatti cookies strain

As your mind settles into this state of happiness, you’ll feel an influx of creativity and a mental clarity that’s perfect for jumping on your to-do list.

However, a sharp pang of hunger comes next, getting you up and reaching for anything in sight that you can snack on.

This bud has dense and sticky grape-shaped bright neon green nugs with thin orange hairs, light purple undertones and a coating There are all kinds of strains gaining favoritism within the mainstream because  cannabis community. Also, some designer strains have even begun popping up as we keep seeking out more creative and  crossings to create near-godly potent cannabis. From these endeavors, Gelatti cookies bags  was born.

Two of the currently most popular up and down the West Coast are the Biscotti strain, and the Gelato strain. Both gaining rapid popularity from their strong terpene profiles, THC levels, and gorgeous appearances, it’s not hard to see. When you cross these two crowd favorites though, you get something even crazier—the Gelatti strain.


Cookies Gelato is the lovechild of two legendary cannabis strains. She inherited insane potency, a sweet taste, and impressive productivity. And all of these elements have been optimized by Cali Bliss. This is now #2 and it is much, much improved. 25% instead of 23% THC too.

First of all, we need to give a little background information on the growers of this beautiful Cookies Gelato strain. Cali Bliss is the new grower team on the block. These guys are heavy hitters and we’ve been waiting roughly a year and a bit to stock some of their strains. We’re lucky enough to grab 3 of them as of right now. They focus on real and true California genetics but with their own twist. Some strains take years to get to the point where these guys are happy with them.

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“The more cannabis you smoke, the higher your tolerance becomes. It doesn’t take much for beginners to get stoned. A couple of puffs from a weak strain will do the trick. However, after several years, seasoned smokers require stronger bud to experience the same effects. Cookies Gelato is one of these strains. She provides a monstrous THC level that thrusts the mind into an altered state of consciousness and suspends it there for hours.” – Royal Queen Seeds

gelatti cookies strain

Cookies Gelato inherited her mighty effects from potent parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. However, this dynamic duo is known for more than their sheer power. As you can tell from their names, they both boast sweet and sugary terpene profiles. Cookies Gelato is a manifestation of the best traits from both of these legendary varieties.

The buds on this guy are not very dense and on the medium to small side (genetically the case – there is no way around it). More fluffy and soft. Meaning there is more air space within the bud itself. This may lead to a quicker burn and could feel harsher if not accounted for. So just make sure you pack it in nicely to remove air space. If you’re rolling a joint pack it tight, if you’re smoking a bowl pack it tight as well. It is the nature of the strain.


– Enhanced effects (more refined)

– Enhanced flavour (more refined terp profile)

– Higher THC content (used to be 23%, now is 25%)

– Better cure and trim too


Creative, Happy, Euphoric


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