OG Kush

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5 reviews for OG Kush

  1. Austine West

    Feeling good on this strain even on a lil nug. Helping me mellow out on this 7 hour trip from Pennsylvania to Tennessee so I like it a lot.👍

  2. James Vardy

    I’ve been trying to find a strain that helps with my back pain and my insomnia. This killed two birds with one stone! I have a tic disorder, and this strain also has helped calm my nerves. It doesn’t make me paranoid either. Great strain.

  3. Mike Fush

    stress melter. …relaxed and gets me aroused!! great for sex…

  4. Philip

    Favourite strain. Long lasting high (almost 7 with a redose 30 mins after initial dose). Good taste. Heavy stone. Good for sleep. Helped with my AD/HD and Tourettes syndrome. Can get pretty trippy. The king. OG… Original Gangsta (:

  5. Flores Brandon

    My favorite strain

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